Data Governance & Data Quality

Making Data Transparent and Trusted

We rely on data to contact prospective students, evaluate applicants, deliver services, solicit donations, engage with faculty and administration, and meet the educational requirements of the university.  In addition GWU is regulated by federal acts and policies that require well defined, accurate and timely data.  Data Governance is the first step in leveraging data as an asset by making data transparent and trusted.

Data governance focuses on improving data quality, protecting access to data, establishing business definitions, maintaining metadata and documenting data policies. Data governance relies on data citizens involved at the right time using the right data to make the right decisions. 

Our role is to ensure that the highest quality data possible is delivered throughout the university and provides valuable information to serve individual and organizational needs.  Data governance helps to provide data transparency and results in confidence among university faculty, staff and management to trust and rely on data for information and decision support.