Data Governance Center

The Data Governance Center is the single source of truth of all of our data governance and stewardship activities. It is used to manage all business definitions and key performance indicators (KPIs), support our data stewards in their daily activities and provide traceability between business and technical assets, policies and rules. It is a vital step toward achieving our vision of commonly understood consistent, trusted and high-quality data throughout the institution. 


Business Glossary The business glossary is used to define, collaborate and align critical business definitions. The glossary helps to improve our understanding of business terminology so we can communicate more effectively across the institution.
Data Dictionary The data dictionary leverages the terms from the business glossary and maps them to the actual tables and attributes in our systems like Banner and the Enterprise Accounting System and our analytical applications like the data warehouse.
Portfolio The portfolio is used to document the details related to a report, cube or visualization.
Issue Management Issue management is a centralized way to report data quality issues that can then be resolved by the data governance team. Report issues, resolve them through triage and review, escalation and assignment to the right resources, and then notify the appropriate parties of the proposed solution.
Policies, Rules and Standards These tools provide the ability to define and manage policies in collaboration with stakeholders and break them down into a rules hierarchy.

Log in to access the Data Governance Center using your GW UserID and password. 

Data Governance Center Quick Reference Guide (PDF)