Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Our History

The GW BI Team was founded in 2012 as part of a forward-looking effort to enable GW to compete and thrive in an increasingly data-driven future. The initial phases of this work included establishing a centralized Enterprise Data Warehouse and a widely accessible browser-based reporting system.

Current BI services available to you include: (Please note, you must be connected to GW's VPN.)

Our Approach

The BI Team at GW follows the Agile Scrum methodology, which is a way of organizing a team's efforts to rapidly deliver value and quickly adapt to changing priorities.

Paced into a consistent cadence of two-week Sprints, incoming requests are prioritized relative to all potential work and scheduled into a given Sprint based on the capacity of the team.

Success for an Agile team is represented by continuously delivering new features or services, an accomplishment for which BI has been recognized with several industry awards.

agile scrum methodology - backlog, sprint, new features


Our Products

The BI Team produces and maintains a portfolio of hundreds of reports and dashboards, as well as the software systems used to create and distribute them.

Examples of widely used BI products include: (Please note, GW's VPN is not required. You will need to authenticate using Single Sign On (SSO) and, if prompted, authenticate using your Two-Step Authentication (2SA) method)

For the full catalog of reports and dashboards available in your domain or business area, please refer to the Business Intelligence Services' Content Catalog.